GeForce Experience or Billboard Experience?

GeForce Experience or Billboard Experience?

GeForce Experience has been around quite awhile now and while my opinion from the outset has been that it’s the embodiment of If there’s no product, you are the product, it didn’t really matter to me one way or the other. It’s a marketing engine disguised as a content delivery engine. Most PC gamers can download a graphics driver package to install or update drivers. Most PC gamers can “optimize” their own games. I have no idea how many gamers are taking advantage of overlay/capture features or the “convenience” of taking screenshots via GeForce Experience or benefiting from the synergy between it and nVidia Shield. As I said, I didn’t care.

It doesn’t seem to have materialised but there was a threat some time ago that GeForce drivers would only be available through GeForce Experience and that I would have cared about a fair bit. I expect enough users cared to prompt nVidia to back off that idea or at least embrace workarounds to keep their systems lean and mean.

I’ve been around long enough to be grumpy but also to understand that content delivery software with some pseudo walled garden aspirations isn’t going to be as efficient as a driver download – however large that download becomes. I understand that any package that gets its hooks into my system sufficiently to make things easier for me isn’t going to be function first. There are limitations to what I can understand however.

I was away from my PC for a few days and returned to an update notification from GeForce Experience. A full five minutes and what seemed like seventeen clicks later (in the spirit of making things easy) and it was grinding away to update my drivers. If you’ve owned an nVidia card for more than a couple years, you know how long a “naked” driver update or install should take – does take – and in that context you eventually ask yourself, “What in the hell is this GeForce Experience thing doing”?

Then it dawned on me. It’s doing what any company would do if it had someone held captive in front of a computer screen. It’s showing me ads. That’s when the conspiracy nut took over. Maybe GeForce Experience takes so damn long to do anything because they want it to take so damn long to do anything? It’s crazy but it’s not that crazy…

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